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Fusionteq - A Provider of high capacity, high quality iPaq battery

Fusionteq and Dongbu Finecell (“Finecell”) have teamed up to introduce Lithium Polymer Battery in to US Market. Fusionteq is a distributor of Finecell’s after-market battery.

Founded in 2002, Fusionteq markets and distributes technology and energy related products to US and Korean market. In late 2002, Fusionteq introduced Finecell’s battery in to Compaq iPaq community as an alternative solution to replace standard 1000 mAh batteries with high capacity 2000 mAh batteries for its 3100, 3600, and 3700 series. Together with highly reliable and quality workmanship, the high capacity battery solution that Fusionteq brought to the iPaq community was cheered by many of the power users.

Today, Fusionteq brings the same reliable and quality battery solutions from Finecell to the iPaq community at an affordable price.

Finecell, established in Jan. 1998, develops and manufactures variety of high quality Lithium Polymer batteries for portable computing market. Its strong R&D concentration has rewarded them with numerous worldwide patents in areas of product development, process control, and materials.

By merging with Dongbu Chemical, a multinational company headquartered in Korea, in late 2003, Finecell now has the financial strength to expand its manufacturing capacity and broaden its product offerings.

Fusionteq and Dongbu Finecell strengthen and empower portable computing capability to maximum.

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