iPaq battery FAQ
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iPaq replacement battery FAQ

Q1: What models of iPaq series does the battery fit?
The following is a list of models that our battery fits in:

    3100 series: 3100 3130 3135 3150
    3600 series: 3600 3630 3635 3640 3650 3660 3670
    3700 series: 3700 3730 3760 3765

Q2: Is this an internal or an external battery?
This is an internal battery.

Q3: Do you need a special tool to replace the battery?
The special tool is Torx T6 screwdriver, and is used to open up the back cover. You may purchase it from Fusionteq Direct. We also sell DIY Kit which includes the battery and the Torx T6 screwdriver.

Q4: Is an installation instruction available for the replacement?
Yes, the instruction is posted on our website. Please click here to go to the page.

Q5: Is it difficult to replace the battery?
Many people have already done it themselves. Please refer to our installation guide for installation instruction.

Q6: Do you have a close up snapshot view of a connector in the battery?
Yes, please click here to go to the picture. Some customers came to us after they were having problem with the battery they bought from other vendors. Common complaint from other batteries was that the connector didn’t fit properly.

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