iPaq battery Installation Guide
iPaq Battery



How To Replace iPaq Battery
(iPaq Battery Installation Guide
for iPaq 3600 series battery Replacement)

Before you begin installation, please ...

  • Use caution when handling iPaq and the battery.
  • Use common sense care for handling the battery such as not flexing (ie, bending), away from metal, away from extreme heat, etc.
  • Make sure that all data in iPaq have been backed up. All data will be lost after installing the new battery.
  • Read the whole instruction before your first attempt to replace the battery. This will help you to visualize the process before it has begun.
  • 1. Turn the power off, and also make sure the reset key on the bottom of the unit is turned off to ensure the power is completely off.
    2. Take stylus out from iPaq before proceeding.

    3. Using Torx T6 screwdriver, get the four screws off from each corner. Make sure not to misplace screws. Split the back cover from the main body using your finger nail or any flat type device such as a Phillips screwdriver. Just make sure that you don't scratch the surface if using a screwdriver.

    4. Once the back cover is split from the main body, open the back cover from the top. Do not pull it out all the way as the battery is attached to the main board via a flexible PCB connector.

    5. As you pull the back cover up gently, you will see a connector between the battery and the main board. Note the placement of the socket in the main board, and gently remove the connector. Please note that the battery is glued to the back cover, and can be removed after you disconnect the battery connector from the main board.


    6. Once you have the old battery taken out, align the new battery so that the edge of the battery that is closer to the connector goes to the bottom (ie, the taped side is the top).


    7. Firmly press the connector attached to the battery on to the socket in the main board. Make sure that all corners are inserted firmly.


    8. Starting from the bottom, reinsert the backcover. Do not force the cover when closing. This means that the battery is not properly seated onto the back cover. Simply realign the battery so that it is properly seated.


    9. Put four screws back, and turn the reset key and the power button on, in that order, to ensure that the unit operates normally.


    10. You should recharge the battery, and leave it charged for additional 30-60 minutes after a full charge indicator. This ensures that the battery is fully charged.


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